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November 8
by eleon

Will You Please Join The Rebellion

Every single day it’s something else. A new scandal, a new allegation, a new opinion about someone. America is falling into a sea of cynical behavior. Maybe the economy has everyone cranky, maybe it’s always been this way, and maybe it’s just more in your face now. We live in a world of, “Gotcha, Here’s what I think!” and digging into people’s dirt. I often hear the words, “The church is more critical than the world”. I totally disagree! The church is flawed, yes, but at its core it believes in grace, redemption, and respectful behavior. Do we all act that way? Not always. But we are guided by principles that usually rein us in from the type of wild feeding frenzy so prevalent in the world today.

I want to start a rebellion! A rebellion of positive behavior! Who will join me? A rebellion of wiping the dirt off people rather than pointing out the dirt. A rebellion of avoiding rumors, loose talk, and a movement towards rebuilding this world with our amazing declarations of faith. A movement of powerful words that elevate society, not cryptic messages on social media trying to subtly let someone know how we feel. It’s time for all of us, as the people of God who love Jesus, to lead a rebellion against dirt and cynical attitudes.

Fight it! When a rumor comes up let’s train ourselves to run from it quicker than a gold medal sprinter runs a race. I often imagine what our life could become if we refused to surround ourselves with people who love tabloid talk. I wonder what kind of dreams we could dream. I wonder how big our pursuits would become. I wonder how creative and acute our minds would become. A rebellion of great thought, positive words, and skillful tact can literally turn this world upside down. The scripture teaches us, “Do not conform to the world.” When we hang around people who are critical, cynical, and wounded with no desire to be healed, we will become just like those pessimists.

I just wonder……..I really wonder, if we truly rebel against the cynical age and speak with the authority of God, what we could become? We often reference what our life could be if we were pure, faithful to our spouse, or stayed committed to our dream. I have been pondering all day what our lives could become if we rejected the cynical pathway, which is so easy to take, and immersed ourselves in a life that doesn’t conform.

When you let your mind reflect on that concept, you start to see a life that is so beautiful. Therefore, I must rebel and fight to lift my eyes beyond the fray of empty words and mudslinging and get caught up in the notion of being transformational rather than a conformist.

I’m committed. Will you join this rebellion?

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