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November 28
by eleon

Why You Need Doubters In Your Life

I could not help but laugh at the site of Tim Tebow winning one more game as quarterback for the Broncos yesterday. It’s amazing because he has been doubted every step of the way. They say his arm angle isn’t right when throwing the ball, his feet are too jumpy in the pocket, and he takes too long to get rid of the ball. Yet, he keeps on winning. He hasn’t yet received the memo that he is supposed to lose.

The pure venom directed at this man’s lack of ability as a quarterback and his passion for God just never stop. How does he respond? By never fighting back, never arguing his qualifications. He just keeps winning.


Doubters. We need them. They become landmarks of our perseverance. I’ve heard them my entire life starting when I became a senior pastor 17 years ago. Twenty years of age is too young to pastor, you are not from the streets so how can you reach the streets, you cannot maintain a 400,000 square foot hospital. On and on, I heard it all! Doubters do us a huge favor. They remind us we need God.

I’ve had times in my life where I even believed the doubters. Even then, they have helped me. They forced me to look outside myself and depend upon a great God to see me through.

Believe me I wish everyone was an encourager. That would be awesome! However, there will always be people who will throw cold water on your dreams. Don’t fight with them, don’t seek to prove your case to them, just trust in a great God and keep winning…one test at a time.

As life goes on, doubters will pop up, especially when you’ve learned to walk on water. It doesn’t matter if people believe in your dream because your dream is crafted personally for you from God. Really, people’s opinions are just noise. It’s you and the word God has given you. Doubters just don’t understand what God has put in you for the task.

Doubters will come your way. Instead of seeing them as evil villains, see them as what you need to remind you that, in the flesh, you have limitations but with God, all things are possible. It’s even possible that one day doubters will be inspired by your perseverance and even help you along your journey. I don’t doubt it.

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