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September 16
by eleon

Why You Can’t Always Listen To Rational People

A businessman was invited to come to the Dream Center to see our operation. He came out to explore funding our ministry. He saw the campus, heard the testimonies, saw our plans to continue to add beds for more homeless families.

He called me a week or so later. The point of the call was really to lecture me about how it didn’t make sense to help fund this growth plan in the middle of recession. He went on to note that he couldn’t fund something that wouldn’t sustain itself.

A couple of years later, without his contribution, those floors are done. We added space for 40% more homeless families and women in rehab in the middle of the recession. God is so good!

Why not? Why not do more in hard times? Is the church really a place of faith or do we hold back providing services during hard times? Do we hide behind “Responsible” as a way to hide from our mandate?


We are either growing or dying. Look, I don’t mind people saying that they can’t support our ministry because times are tough or they have other commitments. In fact, I’ve chosen to be a closer friend to people who can’t give anymore to show them that my love for them has nothing to do with what they can give. While you can say “I can’t support you during this time,” don’t tell me what I can’t do.

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

There will be times where your faith will be tested. Comfort thinking will try to overcome your faith. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN. The world needs your dream. It might be all you’re holding on to. People might give you every reason why it won’t work but don’t listen. Trust what God has put in your heart and do not let anyone raid your dream with words such as CAN’T OR WON’T. You come too far, don’t give up.

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