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November 30
by eleon

Why We Have To Live Big

Last night was movie night. My family let me choose the movie and for some strange reason I chose, “Back To The Future.” The film didn’t have much emotional effect on me except for the timeline of the movie. Watching, I noticed it was filmed near my house in Burbank. I looked in the background and saw all the stores that used to be something else. I realized that, in the movie, they were going back 30 years from 1985 to 1955. I thought, man, that was a long time ago. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I was watching a movie almost that was made 26 years ago. I blinked and 26 years of my life have passed by. Nearly the same time differential as when they went back in time in the movie. To be honest, I freaked out. It seems that 1985 was just yesterday.

I looked down at my children now 8 and 5 years old and realized that just yesterday we were taking them home from the maternity ward in Pasadena. Then, I realized almost half of my life is over at thirty-seven years of age. I thought about all the wasted days worrying about things that will never happen. All the days of not giving my kids my full attention when teachable moments were all around. The times where I let little offenses live in me for way too long. Then, I realized, LIFE IS TOO SHORT to live a petty, small, burden gathering life.


There comes a time in our lives when we make a stronger than usual decision to not let life live us but we are going to live life on purpose. When we decide that we will not become stagnant when we get older but more courageous in every area. It’s necessary that we live a big life. Not just dreams, goals and visions, but big in perspective. Big in the areas of being quick to forgive. Big in the areas of seeing people not for the flashes of brilliance they contribute to our lives for our benefit, but simply the value they have in Christ. In general, life is so short and yet I’ve let ridiculous little things linger too long. Taking a trip back to the 80’s and remembering how close they feel and yet how far away they have become reminded me that time had passed and it’s time to take my life up to a new level of being a big person in every area of life. God’s will deserves that.

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