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January 22
by eleon

Why We Don’t Use The Word Rehab

Every day at the Los Angeles Dream Center, I see people checking into our program. Application in hand, waiting for a bed, it never ends. I see people living on the floors who are strung out, coming down off some addiction, and desperately in need of more than getting clean. They need transformation.

We don’t use the word rehab in our housing program at the Dream Center because we believe God is bigger than just mending people, HE RECREATES THEM. A person needs a vision of something bigger so that he or she can rise above getting clean. We call it discipleship. The people who graduate our one-year program are not a broken down, slightly “put back together” piece of God’s work, they are modern-day apostles ready to change the world.

People rise to the level of what we call them. If the dream is just to live clean, they will aspire only to that goal. However, if we tell them the best of what God has is before them, they will blast thorough getting clean and move forward to great things…unbelievable things.

My 39th birthday is January 22. People ask me what my ideal birthday present is. It’s simple. Provide bunks for the 30% growth of our men’s and women’s discipleship homes. We are adding more space in April. My greatest birthday wish is to eliminate the words “waiting list.”  We would love for you to help. We are doing a birthday campaign. A gift of…




…would go a long way to help us provide for this exciting new adventure. We promise to do all we can to get these precious souls beyond rehab and turn them into modern-day disciples.

Would you help by giving on the attached link?


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