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August 10
by eleon

Why The Church Should Not Imitate Corporate Models

Everything I’ve ever done has been done by faith. In the middle of the recession, we started adding 200 beds to help the homeless and hurting. The corporate world would say THAT’S FOOLISH! It doesn’t matter. As a Pastor I choose not to allow myself to get stuck in the corporate church world mindset. The Bible says, “We walk by faith, not by sight.” Many corporations right now are sitting on tons of money waiting for a brighter day to spend it. They got their bailout money and they are going to just sit on it for awhile. I do not think that’s the way God wants us to think in the country’s darkest hour.

You see, if we try to copy the corporate model as a church we will start to COPY THE COPY.

The problem is that whatever you copy will always be a diluted version of the original. Do we really want to be a diluted photo copy of their system? Many will read this and say, “There are great models to learn from.” However, I just don’t buy it. We are people who are not a slave to some secular model. We copy the original Jesus Christ and sometimes that means leadership that goes against corporate sheets and predictions. It’s feeding the hungry when you don’t have the resources, it’s housing the homeless when you don’t have the numbers matching on paper. Whatever happened to the faith and risk that defined the early church? My prayer is that the church would stay away from this man made machine whose bottom line is the dollar sign and live for what profits the kingdom and that means thinking like THE KING and not some suit on Madison Avenue.

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