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September 29
by eleon

Why “Moneyball” Reminds Me Of The Dream Center

I love baseball, so it was obvious that I was going to see Moneyball. The movie was about general manager Billy Beane who oversaw a $39 million payroll while GM of the Oakland A’s. He was forced to compete with teams like the Yankees whose payroll was nearly $130 million. Every year he would lose his best players to high market teams who plucked his best talent.

Beane had to try to compete so he came up with a practical mathematical formula to win games. Simply put: Find people who can get on base. People who somehow work into a team formula.

Beane developed his team with what he called, “The island of misfit toys.”

Gathering players that had been rejected, cast off, told they were past their prime, and found value in these players when put together as a core unit.

This reminds me so much of the Dream Center. We tend to lose great people to higher paying ministries.

However, we keep pumping top prospects through our drug and alcohol rehab program. Also, many of our staff members were once cast off because of past mistakes (people who many churches wouldn’t use) but they found a valuable place on our team.

Also, I could relate to the opposition Beane felt when trying to change the system of baseball and do something different. I remember starting the Dream Center many people said, “You can’t combine a 24-hour outreach center and a church.” When you do something different, opposition will come.

I loved the movie because it showed that you don’t need a $100 million ministry budget to change the world. You can think creatively, take risks, put together a rag-tag team of redeemed people and shake things up.

One final thought: When someone says, “It’s never been done that way before,” that’s usually your confirmation to do it that way!

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