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October 17
by eleon

Why I Love Bible Belt Christians

I am writing this after speaking for Pastor Perry Noble at NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. I’m reflecting on an amazing weekend and the $45,000 offering they received for the Dream Center.

Looking at the incredible ministry of the Dream Center, ALL the glory goes to God who has always seen us through.

Second, I thank the Bible Belt.

Although the culture of Los Angeles often conflicts with the values of this region, those who live there have always loved and supported us. In truth, the Bible Belt has been the base of our support.

The Dream Center has always been able to proclaim Jesus because we haven’t been dependent on government funding. This allows us to be a place that can fully proclaim the gospel. Many people from the “Bible Belt” understand how important that distinction is in rebuilding our cities.

I could thank all of America (Please don’t get me wrong) but today I honor those in the Bible Belt for the values that drive them to change the world and the generosity that comes from those values.

The great key to changing America lies in values oriented Christians who love America enough to sow into places where the culture is in direct odds with their own core beliefs.

The Bible Belt Churches have stepped up time and time again to keep the Dream Center moving, adding beds, and changing America’s cities. I love Bible Belt Christians and will never forget the kindness they have shown to Los Angeles.

However, the PAC 12 is still the best conference! Lol!


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