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January 3
by eleon

The Danger Of Measuring Results

There is no doubt we live in a results driven world. When we start something new, we demand to see results. Churches, ministries, weight loss, everything. Five weeks ago I vowed to lose weight so I started working out at the gym. I was lifting weights every other day for two hours. The first two weeks I went home, stood on the scale and was so sad to see I gained a pound. What? How is this possible? I’m eating well, working out and gained a pound. I almost gave up!

Week three came and all of a sudden the weight started coming off. A trainer told me that my body was getting trimmer even though I gained a pound. He said something profound, “Trust the process the results will come.” He went on to say that my body was learning to adapt to a new way of living, give it time. Five weeks later ten pounds have come off and muscle is actually starting to burn off the fat.

What a principle! We believe that we must always measure results. I wonder how many great dreams, ministries, ideas, have not come to fruition because someone gave up when the process didn’t appear to be working quickly enough. Because someone’s future became bound to charts and graphs. Be careful when reading books or listening to speakers who talk about measuring results. Sure we want results; we are going to get results! However, there are adjustment periods, new muscles adapting to different changes and eras in our lives. Many coaches built great championship teams and dynasties after two or three horrible seasons. They were building a process to sustain longevity.

When building a dream and answering a call from God, commit yourself to the plan He’s given you. Even in failure and struggle you are gaining muscles that will one day turn into results. Don’t let the sudden urge to get results take away the fire God put inside you to win the real battle. The battle for the test of time.

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