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December 1
by eleon

Where Did That Fear Come From?

I had just finished speaking at a church. I came back to the hotel room and turned the light off to go to sleep. Suddenly, it hit me, A PARALYZING FEAR. Fear about the ministry moving forward financially, fear of my children’s future, fear about absolutely everything. I wondered what was going on. I’ve never felt that way; I’m not a high anxiety person. This fear took a hold of me and wouldn’t let me go.

The fear lingered for a week or two and then suddenly something happened. Miracle after miracle. The Dream Center moved into our greatest season of blessing and provision right after that period of paralyzing fear. Two people each gave a million dollars for the floor renovation of our hospital and we were visited by a “hurricane” of miracles. The blessing was unlike anything I’d ever seen.


Whenever a great fear comes my way I’ve learned to look for the bright lights that are behind the clouds. There’s someone today reading this who might be feeling the same way. Let me tell you the attack is trying to take you off of God’s road of divine provision. The miracle is always in the next step that you feel that you cannot take. Learn to see beyond the vicious attack of fear and to comprehend the amazing season that exists behind the enemy’s cowardly sucker punch. The fact that fear visits you so strongly is because there’s a beautiful breakthrough just beyond it.

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