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October 18
by eleon

What To Do When You Don’t Feel It

It’s a scary place to be. You put on worship music and don’t feel it. You listen to a sermon where everyone’s getting pumped up and you get nothing.

Suddenly, you are in a “BLAH” place in your life. Have you been there? I sure have and I don’t like it.

It’s sure nice when your praise feels effortless and you can’t stop tingling at every preaching point. A wonderful place to be.

A “BLAH” season will come but don’t worry, you are normal.


Can I submit that if you feel that way and you are still coming to church, listening to messages, and worshipping in your car, you might be a better Christian now than before.

You see, it’s praise when it feels easy to do, natural to do and you enjoy every moment. But, it becomes a sacrifice of praise when you don’t feel like it but you do it anyway. I’m not discounting those “feel good” days, but today I celebrate the “not so good days” worshipper. The one who loves God and seeks God even when there’s no tingle.

My suggestion, in those times, is to still read God’s word. Still praise God even if it doesn’t feel sincere.

The other day, I took my kids to Knottā€™s Berry Farm even though I didn’t want to go. I went even though I was totally exhausted. My kids could tell I tried my best but didn’t have the same fun pep in my step as usual. My kids said, “Dad, I know you didn’t want to go but thanks for taking us.”

I think God sometimes look at us in the “BLAH” place and says, “I know you don’t feel it but thanks for spending time with me anyways.”

If you are in the “BLAHS,” don’t worry you will come out of it. When you do, you will grow as a Christian through your obedience in that place.

Can you relate?

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