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September 24
by eleon

What I Learned About Dreams From A Surfer

You finish a season of incredible growth, the boundaries have been moved, and you’ve entered a new place of blessing. Suddenly, everything stops. It feels that you are still trying to run but this time there’s a bungee cord attached to your dream. You run with the same determination as before but just aren’t moving. What’s happened? I want to run, I want to surge, but I’m stuck.

First of all, you are not in a bad place. Most of life is waiting to catch the next wave. Drifting in the ocean until you start to see and feel the upcoming swell. When you feel stuck, or just not moving, enjoy the season you are in. That’s right, enjoy it!

I saw a surfer in Manhattan Beach one day apparently stuck in a pattern of really bad waves. I saw him sit on the surf board, lift up his head, and just look up to the sky to enjoy the simple fact he was out on the ocean. He looked so peaceful. The waves were not coming but he was going to soak up the time between the waves. The time between the waves is the secret to catching the next set of miracles. Eventually, the waves returned and he was back to his adventurous life of riding the current.

How did he catch the next cycle? Simple. He stayed in the ocean and didn’t leave it out of frustration. He found value in the scenery in a quiet season. We live in such a driven culture that only sees value in growth, expansion, and big momentum. However, there are times where you just need to stay in the ocean, enjoy the new place God has taken you, and wait patiently for the next set of miracles.

They will come, just don’t leave the ocean.

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