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September 13
by eleon

Weakness Is A Weapon

Masks, facades, acting like you’ve got it all together. This type of behavior is what drives so many people away from the things of God. People aren’t looking for the perfect Christian, the perfect pastor; they are looking for someone who understands WEAKNESS IS A WEAPON. A powerful one. People in ministry, families in communities often try to portray perfection as a way to show people what their faith is all about. The reality is more people identify with our weaknesses than strengths.


I remember as a kid hearing certain ministers say, “If you do this type of sin you might get to heaven but God will limit you from being used here because of the nature of your sin.” It’s not like a perfect God is impressed with how good we think we are, nor does He have a scorecard on degrees of sin. God will use anyone in any way He chooses. Limiting God’s power in people’s lives in any way is like people trying to do God’s job. We are going to fail at it.

Weakness is a weapon! The body of Christ could change the world if we showed the world that we are fallible people who throw ourselves at the feet of a wonderful savior. The fact is we don’t impress the world with our strength but with our weakness.

The other day I apologized to my 7-year-old daughter for not being the best dad I could be the last couple of days. You should have seen the pure joy on her face as she got a glimpse of her vulnerable dad. The world is not looking for the perfect church or at how big our Bible is. They are looking for someone to say, “I miss the mark all the time but God redirects my arrows to the target.” Don’t let your weakness shame you, use it as a weapon.

Thoughts on vulnerable leadership or parenting?

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