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November 14
by eleon

What My Five-Year Old Taught Me About Prayer

My little five-year old boy teaches me a lot about my relationship with God. An elderly lady in the church gave him a tattered little bear called, “Prayer Bear.” The little bear has folded hands and a worn out button that says a little goodnight prayer when pressed.

He loves that bear, won’t sleep without the bear, and if we can’t find it, we won’t sleep either until we find it. Often, at night, he rolls over the bear (Seriously like 100 times) and all night long we hear that prayer from that bear.

I used to think he liked the bear until I realized it wasn’t the bear; it was my little boy’s desire to feel close to God. He wants to feel God’s presence all night long.

Oh, how I long to be that way. I long to live a life cuddled unto the presence of God. Holding my affections for God so tightly like my boy holds that little bear. Unfortunately, I fail too many times. The cares of this world and human reasoning make my relationship with God too much of a transaction rather than a cuddled up devotion.

Watching my little boy sleep clinching that bear reminds of just how much tighter that I want my personal devotion to be. It reminds me that my personal time with God has become a lot of obligation and a lot less friendship. It’s amazing what a little boy’s cuddly relationship with God can teach you.

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