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August 22
by eleon

Unnecessary Battles

On this blog, you will hear a lot about our responsibility to make a difference in the world. Of course, that’s always a part of my message. My entire book, “The Cause Within You” was devoted to that very topic. However, sometimes it’s what you allow not to be a part of your life that equally contributes towards the continued climb to the pursuit of your destiny. When we were children, when someone said something we didn’t want to hear, we used to put our hands over our ears and scream as loud as we could in order to block out any sounds that came our way. It sounds crazy but there is a lot of wisdom in that. The higher you go in life and in the pursuit of your calling, the more sounds of distraction will come your way. It’s interesting that Paul told Timothy “To fight the good fight of faith.” He didn’t tell him to fight every battle just those that pertain to the faith.


The battles we choose to fight are what determine our altitude. Fighting hunger – A battle worth fighting. Fighting homelessness – A battle worth fighting . Standing for righteousness – A battle worth fighting. However, battles over things we can’t control and opinions of others is the kryptonite of any dream (Sorry for the Superman reference) and will destroy the momentum to keep building. When you learn to fight for only things that pertain to the faith, then suddenly your life is no longer filled with anxiety over what people think, who doesn’t like you, or who disagrees with you. Life must be lived for an audience of one. Most of the battles we fight are with people who have opinions about us, when the truth is, it’s hard to argue with someone who doesn’t know what God has uniquely put in your heart. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, every time I would hear of battles that my father was going through, I would pick up the sword to try to defend him. He would simply look at me and say, “Son, fight for the faith.”

The purpose of unnecessary battles is simply to take you off the wall; to keep us from building. The purpose is to slow down the momentum in your life. The enemy knows that if he can kill momentum he can slowly wear us down to a place where our life is spent thinking about the wrong battle. The enemy doesn’t mind us fighting as long as it’s in the wrong war. We must understand that we must live each day focused on the task that’s before us and refuse to fight in “preferences battles” that have nothing to do with the convictions of the faith. Your passion, your energy, your future is in fighting for the liberating aspects of the faith and staying in the war that God has uniquely equipped you to fight. You’re a champion! Go ahead and fight for the things that pertain to the faith!

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