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August 19
by eleon

Ticked Off In Tulsa

First, thank you all for getting my book “The Cause Within You,” released Wednesday in paperback format. All proceeds and royalties of this book go towards keeping the Dream Center moving forward. It’s on Amazon and has released in stores. I love you and thank God for you.

Yesterday, I was flying back to Los Angeles from Tulsa and saw the one word on the airport monitor that drives me crazy: DELAYED. On a scale from one to ten, I rate my patience level at about a two (Something I am not proud of). I was angrier than a preteen trying to get tickets to a sold out Justin Bieber concert. I was fuming for 15 minutes then I thought about life. Life is full of delays, busted plans, and timetables that don’t measure up to our goals. No one likes being delayed. However, many times, the delays in our plans produce a more refined calling tested by fire and built towards longevity. Delay tests our commitment level and proves that we are in it to win it.


In my own life, as a twenty-year-old pastor, I thought that the ministry goals must come in my own timeframe. Little did I realize that God would use delay after delay to produce a pastor who would one day be fit for the ministry of the Dream Center. I don’t like delay, but I see its value. Delay has become my obnoxious little friend. So while I fume and protest getting home a few hours late, once again delay has produced something: THE TIME TO WRITE THIS.

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