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October 12
by eleon

The Proper Attitude Of A Servant

We get to serve! We get to sacrifice! We get to empty our bank account for the cause of Christ. It’s time that we celebrate serving and talk about the privilege of doing it.

So many times our message revolves around a martyr syndrome where we talk about all the sacrifices we have to make for God.

Forget that!

It’s a joy to serve. I’ve crisscrossed this country speaking everywhere. Every place I go I receive no personal offering…All of it goes to the Dream Center and it could not make me happier. It also doesn’t make me a “Super Christian.” It’s just downright fun.

The tone of serving must never be loaded with a tone of regret or “Have too” but should be replaced by “Get too.”

Many people come to the Dream Center expecting to get a “Please care like us” mentality when they come to volunteer. Instead, they get a bunch of happy people who feel privileged and downright giddy that friends would join us from other churches in this joyful pursuit of helping others.


Guilt trips when it comes to preaching, writing books, or any level of communication regarding helping others simply doesn’t reflect Christianity well.

Mother Teresa used to send workers home who didn’t serve with a good attitude until they came back with a better one.

Sure, there is a lot of sadness in our streets. Yep, there are a lot of homeless people we are trying to help. However, I’m not going to let the pain make me a cynical, self-righteous, “I’m the only one who cares Christian.”

Can I be honest? It drives me crazy! I owe everything to my Lord and to the most loving people in the world THE BODY OF CHRIST. Churches allow me to do what I do because they give.

People all over America do care! That should be our message. Shaming people doesn’t help but inspiring people to serve is what we should do. As my dad used to say, “Son, you will always get what you brag on.”

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