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May 19
by eleon

The “I Don’t Do That” Christian

The most ridiculous Christian in the world is the “I don’t do that” Christian. Who is this person? The person who bases their entire Christianity on everything they don’t do. Therefore, Christianity to them is wrapped up in three or four sins that they don’t do that make them better than anyone else. The “I don’t do that” Christian” truly believes that God loves them more than anyone else because of what they don’t do.

This annoying creature is like a football team running out the clock in a game; not trying to score but just trying to sit on past merits…and trust me there’s a lot of sitting around with the “I don’t do that” Christian. It’s all about not getting into the fray, not being a target of the enemy. It’s just a lot of Cheetos eating, people critiquing, patting themselves on the back. They feel like they have won the battle because they don’t do this or that. Therefore, they live a passive life void of risk, void of greatness, void of passion. King David was called, “A man after God’s own heart” yet, the “I don’t do that” Christian would strongly protest that a man who sinned with Bathsheba in such a way could be given such a lofty title.

The God that I serve has a much bigger scorecard when determining His champions. He sees every aspect of a person’s life. Don’t let the “I don’t do that” Christian tell you, “You can’t be that!” stop you from your comeback story. We all have failures, regrets, and mistakes, but our God is more concerned with your passion for what you are becoming then finding your identity only by the phrase “I don’t do that!”

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