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November 3
by eleon

The Greatest Pastor’s Wife Ever!

This year has been the biggest challenge ever in the ministry. Growing number of beds at the Dream Center, more meals than ever before, history is being made.

As a result, I have had to travel more than usual. This is the “Do or Die” year to finish off the Dream Center once and for all. High pace travel, being gone more than usual. Without a doubt, I’ve been away more than I would like. When I’m home, I’m locked into spending every minute with my family. They are my heart.

In the midst of this, my wife, Caroline, has been unbelievable. In the history of our marriage she has never EVER been upset with me for traveling and raising money for the Dream Center.

It’s quite unbelievable – NOT ONE TIME. To be married to a woman who understands the importance of the mission of the Dream Center gives me so much fire and passion to live life.

Many times, I board the plane with tears. It’s then where I usually get a 6 AM text like “Go get ‘em Tiger” or “Change the world.” Guilt suddenly turns into tenacity. She was a volunteer before we met at the Dream Center and still is today. When you’re in the ministry, married to someone who loves the cause more than you do, it’s pretty awesome.

So I give a shout out to my incredible wife for always “Having my back.” Or better yet, leading the way in compassion and understanding.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with just one person who believes in you. Even more amazing when it’s your own wife who relentlessly understands with unconditional love and who never stops cheering you on. I love you Caroline!

My long distance dedication to you is “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond


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