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October 21
by eleon

The Danger Of Comparison

The most dangerous thing a person could ever do is to become immersed in “the comparison trap.” Comparison is not only unhealthy, bitter, toxic, and unproductive; it is so much more than that. You see, when we celebrate someone else’s success, we liberate the possibility of our own.

Here is why.

The more you obsess over what you don’t have, the longer your mind stay’s locked into doing everything you can to try to “catch up” with another person’s journey. You actually forget to LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE.

Many people have been destroyed by being preoccupied, can I say OBSESSED, with someone else’s path. The moment you start celebrating someone else’s success is the moment you can start to pursue your own unique adventure. The worst thing about living a life of comparison is that you start to serve, work, or do whatever you do out of the wrong motivation.


The fact is that you have a certain calling that is unique to you. In fact, no one can do what you were born to do better than you! This is why it is imperative that you run your own unique race without jumping into the middle of someone else’s. When we do jump into another’s’ race, we run a race we were born to lose.

What is the secret? Rejoice in someone else’s success and you will start the pathway to your own. Forget about what they have that you do not have. The truth is that you do not need what they have. You are a success the moment you submitted your gifting and skills to God. The battle for success was born the day you submitted what was in your hand to God. Second, understand that the world needs you to succeed in your own unique gifting.

The battle is not in what someone else has that you don’t. The battle is in full concentration and pure motivation into that special unique gifting that you bring to this world that no one else has. If you are stuck in the comparison trap, get out of it as quickly as possible because we need you to run your own unique race to make this world better.

Go for it!

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