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June 29
by eleon

The Cure For Discouraged Pastors

We are all aware that the average lifespan of a pastor in a church is not very long. In fact, if you are a ten-year pastor in one church you are an exception. Discouragement abounds in the life of a pastor. Every week it’s a battle to make budget, keep peace in an organization, and stay fresh and motivated yourself to keep pouring more of your life into everyone and everything. If any pastor is honest they have visited the idea more than once of, “Why don’t I just quit.”

I remember as a child, emergency calls on Christmas day wanting my dad’s time and my father making hospital visits to people on their deathbed.


There’s also the reality that you will believe in people, raise up people, and one day they split off from you and use your influence to start something birthed from your love and investment in their lives. Finally, there’s the expectation of a Pastor to have his or her family together, and yet, respond tirelessly to urgent demands that affect family life.

How can a pastor last year after year? The answer is simple, yet powerful.

Do EVERYTHING unto the Lord not to please man.

The truth is, pastors, your church might love you but they will forget pastors appreciation months, you will lose people you’ve poured into for flakey reasons that will rip your heart out, and you will have Sundays when no one will say, “Good word.” This isn’t knocking church members it’s just the reality that a pastor’s job can often be one of the loneliest jobs in the world. When we grab hold of the revelation that we are doing every single act as “Unto the Lord”, we won’t become disillusioned because we have narrowed our lives down to an audience of one.

You see, the LARGER the audience that we have to please, the more difficult life will become. When our efforts, ambition, are totally locked in to loving Christ we will stay the course because ONLY THAT MOTIVATION carries the power for endurance. It’s hard to be discouraged when you are dedicating the good, bad, and even the ugly to an audience of one.

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