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August 27
by eleon

The Big News Concerning The Dream Center

Today, various media outlets are reporting some amazing news concerning the Dream Center. I write this blog, rejoicing in what God has done, and yet also to give you a vision for the future.

The Dream Center is slated to be awarded $10.2 million dollars through a Federal Government program called New Market Tax Credits.  The funds are available to charities who have invested into disadvantaged communities. The charity must be located in a zone that qualifies as a disadvantaged area of the community. We have invested over 35 million dollars in building improvements over the years. The Dream Center was a perfect candidate for this program. The miracle is beyond amazing. I think about our journey over the past 18 years and the miracles that were needed to keep the doors open.  Not a week has passed that we haven’t had to rely upon a miracle. In fact, we’ve depended upon them.

Funding does not come from the government but from the purchase of tax credits by investors.  JP Morgan Chase representatives toured the Dream Center and were so moved that they bid on this project and have worked hard to help this miracle come to pass.

Today, we celebrate this gift that will allow us to finish off the main tower at the Dream Center.  I’m reflecting on all those days that we didn’t have money to feed people and God would give us “Midnight Miracles.” Often, we wondered how we would house the homeless and take care of our people in our rehab homes. However, repeatedly, our God has proven that He is everything.  The people of God have allowed The Dream Center to sustain for the past 18 years and now we’ve got our one big push that puts us over the finish line……….Of this era.

The new era begins.  Yes, this gift is great. However, $9 million is already allocated towards finishing off the main tower. Debt free!  The completion of this project will allow us to expand our campus residential programs by approximately 30%.  We will be adding a home for emancipated minors sponsored by Pastor Jentezen Franklin and Free Chapel/Kingdom Connection. Kids that have aged out of foster care will now have a wonderful facility to call home.  Our rehab programs will now expand bigger than ever before. Everything is getting ready to go to another level.

The remaining money is just two months of our operating budget.  So once again, we walk by faith.

The reality is that the need is bigger than ever before. 30% more residents means 30% more utilities, daily meals, remodeled rooms, and more.

The truth is the Dream Center is entering into a period of great expansion. We rejoice that this phase is over but what is coming next is far more challenging.

The beautiful thing is that money raised will now go directly towards the daily care of people.  The finishing of the building allows that to happen.  Pray for us as we now take on the challenge of overseeing this massive phase of growth. There is so much more to do and we need your help in keeping these programs moving forward.

I rejoice that the hospital tower will be complete and the dream of my 74-year-old father will become a reality.  We must stop and rejoice. I also thank all the churches that have and continue to support the Dream Center.  The truth is, your generosity has allowed us to stay in this fight to position us to receive such a miracle.  This is a miracle that we did not expect and has left us speechless and full of thanks to our God.  Also, it recommits all of us to be a greater investment and to never grow weary in the fight to rescue the most forgotten in our city.  We have not quit the fight in eighteen years and are more fired up than ever.  This is a day to give thanks, reflect, and rejoice. I want to thank the City of Los Angeles, the five investors, and everyone who believed that this major facility in the heart of downtown was worth the investment to provide housing, help, and a second chance to so many in this city.  The best is yet to come.

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