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October 5
by eleon

The Strange Feeling Of The Change Of Seasons

Have you ever been going along in your day and all of a sudden you start to feel a slight change of temperature, the sky feels different, maybe a different wind blowing? You realize the season is changing. It can be a rather strange feeling.

Sometimes it’s refreshing and sometimes it’s sad. Yesterday, I felt fall coming upon us and to be honest I didn’t want it to come. I love summer and started to miss it.


Whether it’s a season of great prosperity or just hanging on to survive where you are at is essential in fulfilling your destiny.

I’ve seen so many people get restless in slow seasons and try to make something happen. Other people, in great seasons, try to sabotage the success because they don’t know how to handle a good run at life. Others long for the glory days of yesterday when the glory days are every day that they wake up.

When the seasons change and life starts to change the best thing to do is say, “Welcome” to whatever comes your way. Embracing the season you are in allows you to grow so much because you are finding value in every moment of life and valuable moments create valuable pursuits.

When that sudden change in the air starts to occur, embrace it.

The change is about to teach you something about life and bring something your way that’s going to make you better. How we embrace change is so critical to our calling. Life’s greatest moments are not necessarily when we are in a perfect season but when we actually live in our current season and learn from it.

So when the tide of your life starts to change, rather than resist it, welcome it. Because in that change of seasons lies a change in you that the previous season could not provide.

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