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August 16
by eleon

Stop Intimidating Yourself

The story of King Saul in the Bible is tragic. Here is a man who called in David to play the harp to try to cheer up his melancholy spirit. Suddenly, Saul hurls a javelin at David trying to take his life. He tries to kill the man who he called in to soothe him. He can’t enjoy the music because he’s consumed by the gift in David he wished he had.

Saul is trapped in a terrible place – HIS OWN HEAD!

The great danger in life is allowing a melancholy spirit to turn into a tormenting spirit. A passive mind collects thoughts, stores thoughts, and allows them to build on top of each other. An active mind decides what it’s going to think about, chooses any virtue of good, and allows itself to replenish the mind and drive out thoughts that have been stored so long to where they become intimidating thoughts. Saul is at a place where he doesn’t need anyone to intimidate him; he’s doing it within his own mind.

This is why serving others is so important because we are allowing thoughts of doing good to change the arrangement of the furniture of our mind. We are aggressively throwing thoughts of good and driving out intimidation. Last week, we gave away 2,000 backpacks at the Dream Center and a couple told me, “It was the greatest therapy of our lives.” Of course it is, because they were choosing to position themselves in a place to where bottled up thoughts of inward living didn’t have a chance to grow into intimidation and torment.

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