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September 14
by eleon

Stealing Precious Moments

I will never forget when I was 8 years old playing Pop Warner Football. My father told me he could not make the game because he had to fly out the night before to speak at a church. The game started and there was my dad up in the stands dressed in a suit. He was ready to dash to the airport to leave Phoenix and make a flight to speak in a few hours. He changed his flight and stole a few precious hours pulling for his boy at the game.


Last night I found myself dashing home from a trip, racing against the clock, in order to steal a few precious hugs and kisses from my little angels before putting them to bed. They were not expecting to see me but 30 unexpected minutes can mean so much to children. I know we are all looking for more time to spend with our family and this economy has made that so much harder. However, if we want to, we can learn how to steal precious, unexpected moments.

My father traveled a lot, was busy, but somehow he always seemed to make everything. I marvel at how in tune he was with just how much these extra mile moments contributed to his son’s happiness. Of course, today, I remember the vacations, the days spent together, but equally (maybe even more) I remember the adjustments of inconvenience made just to sneak in a few extra moments in with his son.

Let’s all learn to steal these precious moments because they just might be life defining ones.

Do you remember a time where someone you love stole some precious time that meant a lot to you?

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