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July 11
by eleon

Something You Must Rage Against…

Have you ever wrestled your little kids and pinned them down to a place where they could not get out? In desperation, these kids fling their arms, bodies, contort themselves in an effort to break free. They are fighting for their survival with everything they got. I was thinking about the concept while pinning my little boy to the bed and watching him struggle to break free. Then I thought of one stronghold that is so tough to break. In fact, it’s the one place that is so easy to settle in and take root and actually spend a life never even challenging it. The area: bitterness

Bitterness was brutal to King Saul; he never got over it. He tried music, fortune tellers, but could not get free from a bitter spirit. The same fight that a child has when totally overwhelmed by an adult in a wrestling match is the same intensity by which we must kick, fight, and refuse to let bitterness take a hold in our lives. This is a very tough fight because it’s an internal issue that relies on us winning in the areas of our lives where we find a distorted comfort and identity in our hurt and pain. The worst thing about bitterness is that it becomes a companion to our soul, a fall back plan to mediocrity, and a place to where we can actually hold control over someone who has hurt us by choosing never to release them.

We must free ourselves from bitterness because life doesn’t begin until we do!

Bitterness can creep in so simply, so easily, to where sometimes it’s even hard to identify. We all have faced bitterness more than we could ever count. My question, “How sincere are we about winning this battle?” I know it’s not drug abuse, or alcohol abuse, or child abuse, but it’s an abuse that is so severe because it sits in layers in our spirit to the point to where something always feels wrong but we don’t know why our lives feel empty. The emptiness is in the layers of bitterness.

We must find our freedom in freedom not in the convenience of bitter feelings.

We must become devoted to fighting this area like a child who refuses to give up even though the weight is so heavy upon him. We must be aware of the role bitterness plays in our life. We must be aware that it’s making us tired, worn down, broken down, and we’re feeling like a car that runs but always something is not quite right. Recognize it, deal with it, throw away bitterness by understanding there’s too much laying around the attic of our hearts. With each round of tossing it away, watch your life begin to suddenly feel lighter and your instincts sharper to never accept it as a way of life.

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