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September 30
by eleon

Skeletons In The Closet

Any of us who have served God long enough knows that God is a God of the future. God restores dreams, gives us new dreams, and allows anyone, regardless of his or her past, to dream again.

However, is He the God of our past? Certainly He is.

I have run into many people who have been forgiven by God, who recently have told me that they are worried that their past will come back to haunt them. Skeletons in their closet.

Terrorized by yesterday’s transgressions, fearing the past coming back to ravage their lives.


However, He does. Most of the things we fear that will come upon us never do.

There is a reason why.

God has been orchestrating things in your favor in ways that you will never know and see. God is protecting your past from harming you.

God does not take His hand off your past and let it run wild to destroy your future.

He has silenced your accusers, softened judge’s hearts, prepared scenarios of victory when you expect tragedy.

It has statistically proven that most of what we fear never happens. So relax.

Second, if what you feared did come upon you, the fact that you love God and want to do His will causes Him to work it together for your good anyway. So as Charlie Sheen says, “You’re Winning” again.

God is the God of the past, present and future and is waging war from the front of your life and BEHIND.

It’s Halloween season. A month where the general theme is fear. This would be a good month to remove the skeletons the closet.

Do not let yesterday’s failures try to freeze your future. As they say in the hood, “God’s got your back.”

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