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September 3
by eleon


My new book “God’s Dream For You” releases September 10 nationwide on the nineteen-year anniversary of The Dream Center.  I’ve been reflecting a lot about The Dream Center journey. Nearly two decades ago, the dream began in a small church building on a dark road in the heart of the city of Los Angeles.  Failure after failure was the quick reality of this church plant.  I always thought that church was about perfectly crafted sermons and good music.  The truth is that I had none of that.  No staff, no idea how to preach.  I had to discover that a BROKEN DREAM IS THE PATHWAY TO A BETTER ONE. God’s dream.

Everything was falling apart.  Then I dared to ask the question, “What is God’s dream for my life?”  That question sent my life on a course so different from anything I could ever imagine. God would give us the old Queen of Angels Hospital and the twenty-four hour church began. Homeless families, court appointed teenagers, prostitutes and gang members would become my church.  It was a dream that only serving could draw out of me.

September 8th at 1 pm Pacific Time, I’m going to be serving the city of Los Angeles for twenty-four hours.  That’s right!  A twenty-four hour outreach.  Serving hot dogs on skid row, search and rescue of prostitutes, delivering food and furniture to families in need, and much more.  Our entire church will be involved in some way with the project serving alongside me.  In addition, Dream Centers all over America are joining in.  Serve24 is not just a day, it’s a compassionate army from coast to coast being challenged and reminded of the great work before us all to be the church Monday through Saturday. I’m humbled by the Dream Centers that are rallying together and serving with us at the same time in their own unique ways.  Search #Serve24 on Twitter or follow me @matthewbarnett as many compelling stories will emerge from across the nation over the next couple of weeks.  The issue is not what we do during those initial twenty-four hours but what is inspired in us that will break our hearts to inspire long-term action.  Serving opens the possibility of anything and that’s what makes the life of serving so inconvenient and so beautiful.

Search #Serve24 on Twitter for updates.

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