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November 7
by eleon

Push Yourself In Parenting

We consider it some kind of badge of honor to push ourselves at work, in sports and in other areas. Testing ourselves beyond fatigue, beyond capabilities, to accomplish a goal. It’s a part of the American dream to go out and get what you want.

However, many times, that effort ends in the work place or in ministry life. We come home and simply wilt under the fatigue of the day. The effort we put into our family life seems to be less than the extra mile put in during the day. The issue is not fatigue.


There’s something about work and the pursuit of a dream that seems to get our maximum effort, yet, that extra mile tenacity often is forgotten when it comes to family life.

It’s amazing that many people can lose their family but somehow manage to keep their job over the course of many decades. One word: tenacity. Our careers often get tenacious drive and our family gets the leftover pieces.

The issue is the extra mile; fighting to go the distance for your family. Many will say, “I’m just too tired when I get home.” Really? We’re tired when we go through the workday and we slam down coffee to keep us going. We slog through the afternoon but fight against our fatigue to climb the ladder. Everyday, we experience fatigue. The issue is how bad do we really want it?

We will be tired for the rest of our lives. The issue is battling for marriage and family the same way we battle for our career. Home is not a place where we give bits and pieces of a fragmented devotion. It has to be a place of maximum effort where we fight with vigor for the ones we love.

Battle for your family today. Fight to focus at the dinner table; fight for that extra five minutes in tucking the children to bed when you just want to crash. It’s in the extra mile we build great families.

No career or occupation should receive more effort than family. In the end, family is what matters.

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