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November 1
by eleon

No Wimps Allowed

One of the most repeated lines I’ve heard in ministry when a leader quits is this, “I just didn’t feel appreciated.” Huh? Really? This simply doesn’t fly.

No human should ever hold that much power over our calling in any field of work. The fact that our staying power relies on the words of others is a sure way to quit over and over in any endeavor.


Let me tell you that the more you serve God, the more you do for others, the more imbalanced the ratio will be. In other words, compliments will never match up to the effort you have given in your calling.

WHO CARES?!?!?!?!

We serve others as unto the Lord. We feed ungrateful people as unto the Lord. We help people find homes who will forget our act of compassion in two minutes as unto the Lord.

No wimps allowed when it comes to serving the Lord. We shouldn’t be like a dog rolling over begging for a tummy scratch when we do something kind. The honor is in obedience to Christ. It will always be about the audience of one.

When we say, “I just don’t feel appreciated” we are clearly saying, “I serve for the affirmation of man.” This is a guaranteed formula for attracting disillusionment like Velcro.

Should people compliment your kindness? Of course. Will they? Most of the time no. In the end, it will always be about how much you love to honor God for the sake of loving Him.

We all love to be complimented but it should not be our only fuel. A mission for God that comes from His throne is a straight vertical line between just you and God.

Whatever we get from people is a bonus. If it becomes our source, we will continue to walk away when we don’t hear what we want to hear. This is why we have to make God our everything and do everything unto Him.

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