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September 12
by eleon

My Meltdown On Friday…My Confession

It’s inevitable. Even the most self-controlled people on the planet will have a meltdown. Years and years of staying calm, keeping your cool, then one day you lose it. Have you been there? Well, I was there last Friday. Today is Monday, a few days after Friday’s meltdown. I was in a meeting and I lost it. You never know what will set you off. Usually, people who keep their cool freak people out the most when they have a meltdown because it’s so out of the ordinary. We all have them! It doesn’t make it right but sometimes meltdowns can have value.


Look, I know that it’s preferred for all of us to keep it under control. God wants that. However, God turns everything around for our good if we choose to learn and grow. In my case, my frustration allowed me to sort of “Get to the other side” of my stress point. It was a turning point. Now, we don’t want to have frequent meltdowns because we must not be driven by feelings but there are things to learn after a meltdown.

On the way home, I had to look at myself and think, “Who was this guy who lost his cool.” I began to understand that there was some stuff boiling under the surface of my spirit that I have never dealt with because I thought I had it under control. No! I didn’t! Wham! Unexpectedly, in a sudden moment, it stuck out from a place I’ve never seen. My meltdown caused me to understand a side of me that was hidden……BUT IT WAS THERE. Now, it’s Monday, I don’t see any meltdowns in the near future. I’m feeling good, and ready to make nice. Lol! I freaked out many people because some have never seen that side of me. I didn’t even know who I was.

I truly regret my meltdown. However, I’m not going to waste my pain. I’m going to use it, learn from it, and make my meltdown my miracle.

Hope you still love me this after this!

Please, feel free to comment on the issue of meltdowns.

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