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September 28
by eleon

My Life Is Better Without Politics

I made one of the best decisions of my life the last month. I decided NOT to watch politics on news networks. Call me out of touch (Yes I will vote) but MY, OH MY has my life been so much better. I just realized I have more important things to do then argue over a tax code.


Watching too much political news puts people in camps where we despise one another. I believe in being informed of the issues and voting but after that I must be a part of the bridge that brings America back rather than help build the wall of separation.

There is just way to much political anger that can turn you into a person of division.

It’s much more fun to change what you don’t like about the world, rather than begging for a political system to change it. The issue of our economy is confidence and God’s people would be well served turning off the TV and tuning into the word of God.

The confidence that America needs to recover is going be to found in the message of hope from God’s people. We won’t get that confidence watching a bunch of pundits arguing on a split screen about what is wrong. This month has been great not watching politics. Even watching Barney The Dinosaur has been a better alternative.

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