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October 19
by eleon

My Idea: Occupy All Streets

Americans are experiencing anger and frustration over a government system that has let them down. Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party both have their opinions about what is wrong with America. I have no perspective on this except to add a challenge to the church.


When bickering arises in America it’s time for the church to quietly begin investing into every street in America and to turn loose the largest volunteer army in the country – the church.

We need to occupy our communities with practical solutions, innovative ideas, and an infusion of resources to show the world that the churches greatest hour is when the world needs us the most. We can literally make a mark in the housing market, unemployment, and poverty.

Candidates from both parties, in the upcoming elections, need to see our impact so strongly that they start referencing churches and their proactive plans in their stump speeches.

Occupying all streets would position the church to start a revolution of social transformation that can rewrite history. The type of transformation that combines acts of service and community investment but always with a strong message of Jesus being the real source of change.

This is the churches moment to shine IN OUR OWN BACKYARDS. I totally understand the anger from every side of the political battle. Our political system has failed us repeatedly.

But in the midst of this time of such anger, just maybe we can OCCUPY ALL STREETS with practical service and undying compassion that, underneath the surface of this bitter climate, could just be the turning of the tide this country has been waiting for.

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