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August 12
by eleon

My Big Failure A Few Weeks Ago…

I came home from speaking at a conference, walked through the door and crashed on my bed at home. This was a busy trip where I gave every ounce of strength that I had and just wanted to crash. The “hangover” lasted all day where I found myself totally disengaged from my wife and children. Then the reality hit me that I wasn’t giving the same passion to my family as to that conference. I wept under the weight of the idea that the world got the best of me and my family got the leftovers. Why is it the one’s we love the most often get the least of what we have to offer?


We must, as people of purpose, have the best to offer our families instead of the mindset of, “Oh well, they will understand.” My brokenness over this really grieved me when I thought of wasted moments of halfhearted effort. I vowed to come through that door after traveling with a new tenacity, joy, and effort in being passionate for family life.

Let’s all decide that we will not give our families the leftovers of our commitment but the very best. We have children waiting at our door who don’t care how many people we moved over the weekend or how much success we had. We have a wife or husband at home that need a pickup whose life is just as pressing as our own. Let’s be people who come home to our families and explode through the front door rather than crawl in.

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