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August 30
by eleon

Multi Service Madness

I start by saying, “I am not against multiples services.” Churches must continue to strive to grow!

However, there does seem to be an epidemic about how many church services we can cram into a week. At times, it goes a little over the top. Soon, it could turn into an Olympic sport. Sometimes, it’s as if people add another service even though a few people show up just to break some kind of church world record. I believe in multiple services; we have multiple services, but I’m careful not to add too many. I know that whatever service we start will grow and people will come quickly. There is a spirit of excellence we carry that will naturally draw people into the seats for a worship experience. Who doesn’t love a great worship experience! However, even in big crowds, when you ask the new visitors to raise their hands, let’s be honest, the number is never in the thousands or even hundreds………..more like a dozen on a good day……or maybe two dozen.

This leads me to approach (not topple) the sacred cow love fest called, “Multi Service Madness.” I’m not against having multiple services but just maybe we can chill out a bit on the need to get 14 more bodies in our church building for service number 12 on Sunday and put a lot more resources into Monday through Saturday, reaching a totally lost population with outreach ministry.


If all of our workers are working only towards Sunday, then how in the world will we have the energy to make a difference “being the church” the other six days we are called to be Christians? I have been so careful not to add more services even though I know that people will come because why try to reach the couple dozen unsaved in a church building when we can reach thousands a day in a food line?

The reason is simple. It’s easier to control the elements inside a church building. It’s harder to put your life on the line in the streets because you play by their rules. Also, people on the streets don’t pay your light bills, and drug addicts you take in to your church are a possible threat to the safety and comfort of the drive in crowd.

It’s interesting! We celebrate a man, Jesus, whose ministry was 95% on the street. Yet, we celebrate everything that seems to happen within the building today. My prayer is that the competitive drive towards adding more church services would turn into a compassionate drive to add more feeding programs, housing for homelessness, and an outward mission that expands COMMUNITY SERVICE over one more WORSHIP CHURCH experience. I’m for adding more services! I’m just a bigger fan of adding ten outreach ministries for every added worship experience.

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