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August 25
by eleon

Lost In Transition

Hey blog friends have you ever been a place where you feel lost in transition? I’m not talking about moving to a new place or even something really drastic. Simply, you’re going through a transition of growth, learning, and dissatisfaction with the way you’re currently living. It’s like your life flipped a switch and you are ready for a new level of understanding as to how the next phase of your life will be lived.


If you get to this place in your life where you’re in personal transition, you feel like you are rediscovering yourself. The way you respond to meaningless situations, the way you move forward from offenses and a desire for an overhaul with baggage that you (I) have accumulated for years. When you reach that stage, you almost feel lost like you are meeting a brand new you. It’s ok, it’s a good thing. You see, so much of this rediscovery is in the writings of Paul as he is trying to figure himself out. Who am I? Who is this person that I battle with? What are my real intentions and motivations? I love this place in life because there’s a sense of beauty in trying to figure out the real you. It draws out questions that produce answers. After 17 years of being a pastor at only 37, I feel like God is allowing this search to happen for some reason. Not really sure why but I know there’s something in this season of lostness that’s causing me to find some answers about myself. The truth is, I’m asking questions that have never even crossed my mind in this period of lost and found. Have you ever found the beauty in the search for the real you?

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