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October 10
by eleon

Learn How To Celebrate

When we were children, it didn’t take much to cause us to celebrate. A simple trip to the ice cream store, an extra half-hour awarded us to stay up a little later on a school night. Little things brought us into celebration mode.

When we grow up, things start to change.


Life can turn into a pattern of accentuating the negative and downplaying the positive.

This, my friends, is dangerous.

We need to allow ourselves to cut loose and truly celebrate good things that come our way. It’s so easy to let celebration pass us by. In our minds, we are moving on to the next responsibility and have lost that important period of celebration that is necessary to live life big.

In my life, when good things come my way, I’ve been quick to overlook them and focus on the next battle that I have to face.

Celebration demands you to cut loose and let yourself be excited about victories and not think about “The next trial that’s on its way.”

You want to celebrate in your spirit. Let your spirit have what it craves. Self-judgment and self-critique can lead to a vicious cycle of a robotic, autopilot way of living life.

So cut loose! Go out and buy yourself ice cream when things are going well. Go to the mall get yourself a new pair of shoes. Let the child in you come forward and allow yourself to love life. Learn to accentuate the positive in a big way and give your life the kick-start of excitement it so desperately needs?

Anyone else have a hard time celebrating victories because you are so focused on what you are not? And a hard time enjoying the ride? Please comment.

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