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August 18
by eleon

It’s Not Over

I was standing on stage in a place in skid row Los Angeles called “Heroin Alley.” It’s where people go who are at the end of hope. People shooting heroin between their toes, people prostituting themselves for one more hit; on and on the madness goes. Our church got a permit to have an outreach down there and we were just trying to spread some joy. We spend up to five days down there each week but that day felt different. What do I say from stage to people slamming drugs up against a wall ready to die? Suddenly, a surge of hope hit me and the message flowed so freely. I decided to make a bold declaration in the midst of this hell.


Three simple words suddenly made a difference. It was a startling statement that seemed so repetitious to me but to them it seemed like a glorious revelation. The fact someone would declare “It’s not over” in a place where people thought that life was over seemed to change the tide. People got off the streets that night, got on our bus, came into our recovery program, and started a new life. All because they just needed someone to declare that a restart was available.

Can I tell you IT’S NOT OVER! It may feel like it is. However, feelings don’t matter, only facts. The truth is as long as you are alive and breathing the reset button is available. God has not given up on you. If “IT’S NOT OVER” applies to people on heroin alley, it certainly applies to you no matter the season in your life.

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