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July 19
by eleon

I Think I’m Going To Quit

People ask me the question all the time, have you ever thought of quitting? I can answer that question in 0.2 seconds with a YES! The first five years of being a pastor, I wanted to quit every morning, afternoon, and evening. In fact, several times, I did get in my car at 10 pm at night and head back home to my mega church in Phoenix down the 10 freeway from Los Angeles. In the midst of this confession, I have found that the desire to quit is confirmation of the calling. Look at the Bible, ever story that we rejoice over is usually the story of someone who faced an unbearable desire to want to quit. The attacks were sometimes armies that were so big it discouraged a prophet. Other times, it was something so simple like a threat from Jezebel that sent Elijah under the broom tree. Life is funny, sometimes we don’t understand the factors that set us off but if we are honest, we will all say that more than once we’ve wanted to quit.

But hold on! Wanting to quit is not a bad thing! Wanting to quit is actually a sign of success because it means that you have something to quit. The fact that you want to quit means that you have something of value that is worthy of being attacked. One thing I’ve learned, EVERY TIME YOU OVERCOME THE DESIRE TO QUIT YOU WALK IN A GREAT LEVEL OF GOD’S ANOINTING. In other words, the greater the desire to quit, usually the greater reward on the other side. I have found that most of the time they go hand in hand. That’s why we have to learn to rejoice when faced with the desire to quit. Are you kidding me? Rejoice? When I want to quit? Absolutely! The Bible is full of the most explosive miracles that came right after someone was faced with a tremendous desire to throw in the towel. Our God is so great that even when we do throw in the towel he always hands us another one.

There are some victories and miracles that only come by crashing through these quitting points. Most miracles are not a product of ONE BIG THING that happened to us but a lot of twenty-four hour victories of just holding on long enough to see the blessing. I encourage you that the next time quitting becomes an option, and it will, think about the reward on the other side of blasting through that feeling and trusting in the long term blessings of being faithful. When it’s all said and done, our Lord will say to us, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” The faithful servant looks quit in the eye, sees the blessing on the other side, and just keeps going.

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