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January 4
by eleon

I Love Clipping Off Coupons

This blog is not what you think it is. When you read the heading I’m sure you were thinking, “Oh no, he’s not one of those guys on the airplane that scatters magazines on his tray table and cuts out coupons, is he?” No, even though everyone loves a good sale this is not what this blog is about. I’m talking about clipping off the coupons of life. You see, there are some coupons that only can be collected by faithfulness.

I’m on my eighteenth year of ministry as the Pastor of the Los Angeles Dream Center. I’ve realized something. The longer you stay planted in your calling the more you see miracles that only faithfulness can bring. In other words, I have stayed around long enough to find these coupons. I’ve clipped off the coupons in the form of financial miracles that come from a donor giving because of our reputation for longevity. I’ve seen it in the payoff of changed lives that persevered because we persevered for them.

There are some blessings that simply come by being planted. I think God has different coupons (blessings) for us in different stages of our lives that we cannot manufacture, strategize, comprehend, or even work for. They are not based on how well we do church, how creative we are, or how good we are at our occupation. They are just the gift of miracles that God gives us along the way of not giving up.


I can only imagine what it must be like to be like my father or others in the ministry who have devoted themselves for fifty or more years to the work of God. How they spend years of their lives just collecting free gifts from God along the way. I’ve really started to see this in my own life the last couple of years. We work, we plan, but more than all of that WE STAND and God gives us blessings. Maybe in the form of people we help who change, or a bunch of other things that only come by being immovable and planted where God wants us to be. Stay faithful and you will be a professional coupon clipper walking every day in blessings that you can’t control or plan but that God rewards along the way.

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