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April 13
by eleon

I Have The Largest Church In America

I have the largest church in America. No one is even close! If you crunch the numbers no one can compete. By the way, you can have the largest church in America too! How? By truly being a pastor that celebrates others success. I’m not talking about “kind of” but really doing it. If you truly rejoice, you have the largest church in America.

The church is one body which means we celebrate church growth together. Oh look, I just added 300 members with my buddy Aaron Jayne at Coastline in San Diego tearing it up. I just added 30,000 when I spoke at Joel Osteen this weekend and saw the former Rockets Arena filled to capacity. Man, my church is growing thousands daily through the success of all of you. This is fun!

Pastor how can you take credit for my growth? Because you can partake in mine. The guy who never played on the Lakers last year got the championship ring and his stats weren’t even close to Kobe’s. Therefore, we are all growing together in the body of Christ. Well, I’ve got to go because I’m in Memphis about to speak for John Siebeling in his newly expanded building. My church just added a few hundred more seats. Ha! Do you get what I’m saying? So during this Easter season, while churches report Easter stats like baseball during the steroid era, don’t be intimidated or threatened; just sit back and live through the successes of others and add that to your total because you are a part of the team. We grow together! We win together! You can have the largest church in America if you think body of Christ, plus, you don’t have to pay all of the bills.

Matthew Barnett

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