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June 11
by eleon

I Don’t Want To Be A Success

Success is a funny thing. You can spend your entire life chasing it and never find it. I was 20, coming to LA to pastor with a five-year plan on how it should all work out. Charts on my wall looked like Wall Street stock grid in order to chart my success. Projecting growth can be dangerous because you can prescribe something for yourself that God never wanted you to have. In fact, God needed my ministry to dry up in order to rebuild it. I thank God he did not give me church growth in the early days or I would have stayed on my path of my success and missed God’s great cause.

The church dried up; I turned into a bucket of tears and a perceived failure. Then I learned ROCK BOTTOM IS WHERE GOD TAKES US TO RECREATE US. My dead vision turned into long prayer walks through the city seeing homeless, hurting, and suffering where the idea of the Dream Center was formed. The Dream Center was born out of failure. It was born out of a dream dying and a new one born.

Success can be dangerous because we can’t measure everything according to our plans. The truth is, we can succeed in our own strength and still miss badly in God’s plan. I came to the realization that I DON’T WANT TO BE A SUCCESS I WANT TO BE A BLESSING! That simple revelation became a turning point in my life. God can do so much more if we just lived according to the simplicity of that revelation. Even If we became a success we wouldn’t know it because we are busy just trying to give away that which He has given us.

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