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March 17
by eleon

I Am Not My Own Man

One of the things I have come to understand is that, “I am not my own man.” It’s a common phrase people use to show their independence and need for their own identity. I just got done filming a show for Joyce Meyer whose donors have done miracles for the Dream Center and writing thank you letters to people all over the world who have given to this cause. The reality hit me, I am simply a product of people who have believed in me and helped me.

I have learned not to distance myself from people who call me Tommy Barnett’s son or even clarify when they get it wrong. Yes, I am Matthew Barnett but a piece of my father drives me, lives in me, and I love it and value it. The fact is I am not my own man! I am the man who gave his last $7 to support the Dream Center. The love of that man lives in me. I am the courageous human trafficking victim in our home being helped whose courage to rise above it all, her courage lives inside of me. I am my Twitter/Facebook followers who have rallied to this cause in every way. I am the missions teams who give their lives to volunteer and serve here.

My prayer is that this young generation never becomes over confident and tries to say, “We don’t need the generations before us, we can handle this ourselves.” We need everyone to help us win! So who am I? I’m the soulwinner of a Tommy Barnett. I’m a little bit of Brian Houston when it comes to passion for the local church. I’m a little bit of Jentezen Franklin in my desire for the Holy Spirit’s power. I’m a little bit of Steven Furtick with my hope to have “Audacious Faith” and above all I want to be like Jesus in everything! Let’s take the best of what people have to offer and embrace it and become the best of what everyone has to offer. All I have to do is look around the Dream Center campus and realize through people’s sacrifice, “I am not my own man.”


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