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October 24
by eleon

How To Start Caring Again

There is a song by Phil Collins titled, “I Don’t Care Anymore.” The song starts out with a few slow drums and Phil Collins talking about his frustration over a failed relationship. He simply laments, “I don’t care anymore.” The song picks up the pace. At the end, the drums get louder and he yells out that familiar refrain so loudly that it becomes a scream, “I don’t care anymore.” The song will haunt you when you hear it through the ears of suffering.

Have you been there? I sure have. It’s not a pretty place to be. Phil Collins just had the courage to tell the world how he felt without hiding behind a false mask.

We live in a society that does everything it can to numb our feelings through attitudes, medication, and protective mechanisms. All in the name of, “I don’t want to feel, I don’t want to care.” But, can I tell you that we need you to care. The world needs you to care. Your calling needs you to care. Numbing yourself due to failure, bad relationships, and heartache doesn’t work. Numbing doesn’t make you feel less of anything, it just delays the fact that one day it will all come to the surface.


As a pastor, I’ve numbed myself to criticism only to make sure that I never become numb to the needs of those who are not criticizing me. It’s impossible to numb yourself in one area of life without it spilling over into other areas as well. I had to learn to love those that disagree with me so that I can be sharp for those who depend upon me.

Simple point to be made: Feeling nothing doesn’t feel great. We were made by God to flourish, to feel, and out of those feelings come actions that make a difference.

How do I fix this feeling of numbness?

Psalm 112 talks about a man who is flourishing in his life. The key ingredient to the success outlined in this man’s life is that he simply has, “A fixed heart.” He has learned that the cure for numbness is a strong relationship with God and a delight in His commands. He knows that going back to the well of grace and transformation allows himself to feel the touch of the savior.

A person with “A fixed heart” will always care. Because when your heart is fixed on God and you avoid the cycle of long periods of time away from His presence, YOU WILL CARE. The only hope in destroying the feeling of “I don’t care anymore” is to cast your cares on God. When you cast your cares on Him, you will always start to care again. Then, you can make a difference.

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