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October 13
by eleon

Halloween Fears And How They Relate To Us

I was driving with my kids after dinner and we drove up the same road we have always taken home. Except today, it was different. In the last 48 hours someone decided to put up the world’s scariest Halloween decorations in his front yard (Ok, maybe exaggerating). I do live in Burbank, the home of several studios where movies are made and people can tend to go wild sometimes.

Psycho looking clowns, skeletons everywhere, and to top it all off the kicker… a little girl dressed in colonial clothes hanging by a noose. My wife is out of town and you guessed it – all the kids were sleeping with me.

I spoke to my son and daughter and told them that they had nothing to be scared of. I told them everything they saw was either plastic, paper, metal, or rubber. I went on to explain that all of their fears were artificial. I was getting a bit frustrated with their dramatics.

Then, it hit me, they are not different from you or me. Most all of our fears are artificial. In fact, over 99% of the things we worry about never develop into real issues. My kids were afraid of fabric and building supplies; we are afraid of artificial things too.

God is our source! We know he has seen us through! We know that many things we have feared have never come to pass and we’ve looked back and said, “I wasted so much time worrying about that.” However, fearing things that are pointless has made doctors rich in this day and age.

I realized that my children’s fears were a symbol of our lives. Worrying about stuff that doesn’t make sense. Choosing to look at the worst case scenarios of life rather than a God who only knows what is best for us. Tonight, as I taught my children about artificial fears I also taught myself.

The enemy will throw every ridiculous fear our way to get us off message. What is our message? Faith. He doesn’t care if it’s a dumb fear or a serious fear, the enemy will just “throw the kitchen sink at us” and hope something will stick. Do not let it happen. Call your fears exactly what they are. Nothing more than paper, plastic, and ridiculous decorations that are meant to be ignored as you move from one great faith filled victory after another.

Any of you ever feared ridiculous fears in your head?

I have! Ugh!

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