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November 29
by eleon

Dorky Parents Rule!

Reality can slap you in the face so hard.  I realized that the other day as I dropped my nine-year-old girl off to school.  As she was walking away from the car, I rolled down the window and said, “I love you.” She smiled to acknowledge me.  Then I said, “No dear, I really love you.”  She looked at me like, “Ok, I get it.”  Then I said, “I don’t think you get what I’m saying I LOVE YOU.”  She gave me a courteous grin and walked away.

Then all of a sudden I realized that I’m not cool, I’m a dorky dad.  I’m like Phil on Modern Family.  The more I try to be cool the more I blow it.  I think sometimes in life we attempt to try to be cool.  That’s cool!  I have no problem if you can pull it off.  But if you are like me, who just can’t pull it off, roll with your dorky self.  Sure, you might embarrass yourself being a little too weird.  Sure, you might think that the 80’s word “rad” is still in (Maybe it’s coming back).  Sure, you might love on your kid at times in a public place that might freak them out.  The reality is our kids don’t need parents who understand pop culture, they need parents that love them.

My dad said so many corny things growing up.  Still does!  But every corny attempt to make me smile was full of love.  At the end of the day, kids need sincere love.  They might be embarrassed if you put the loving words on a little too strong, but bring it anyways.  I watched my daughter walk away and thought. Yes, I probably embarrassed her in a dorky dad moment.  But let it never be said that she wasn’t loved.

That day, I became the dorky dad. It never felt so good, so right, to lose control of the perception of cool and speak real, loving, sincere words over my children without hesitation.  Kids never really feel loved until they get it from dorky moms and dads. Parents that lose THEIR COOL (In a good way) and just let their mouth speak what their heart feels.

Embrace your dorky side!  Love your kids!  Even at the risk of looking goofy.  This blog is a shout out to all you loving, dorky parents.  Raise your hands in the air like you just don’t care (See I’m a dork).


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