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August 9
by eleon

Don’t Try To Be Bigger Than God

The Bible is clear about what God thinks about forgiveness. The Bible says in Heb. 8:12 (NKJV) “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and lawless deeds I will remember no more.” God is so great He can choose what to erase from His memory. It appears as though God has amnesia regarding your sin. God chooses to let the eraser of yesterday be permanent in His recollection. What a God that He can choose what to block out in regards to past failings.

The simple fact is this: If God chooses to forget your sin then you must choose to forget as well and choose to forget other people’s sin.

A lady who works on our free medical truck at the Dream Center was outside the truck the other day when I greeted her. This lady was 75 pounds when she came into our recovery program because of drug use. Since then, she’s doubled her weight, has been off drugs for 8 years, and is now on staff. The other day I thought about her. The last couple of years, I totally forgot that she came into our home as a cracked out junkie because of the amazing change that has taken place in her life. In some amazing way, I was able to forget what she used to be and saw her for what she was today. I told God, “I want to be that way all the time.” Life is full of people who make mistakes and we must strive with all our limited human effort to break out the permanent eraser of forgiveness and let people live again.

My observation is simple. God chooses to FORGET our sins and blank it from His recollection. If God chooses to do it then do we think we are greater than God in trying to bring up something He’s already forgotten? What right do we have to bring up what God has forgotten? In other words, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO REMEMBER YOUR SINS OR THE SINS OF OTHERS. If a perfect God considers sin a thing of the past not worthy of storing it in His memory then we have no right to claim a higher court of judgment than God. We are human, we make mistakes, we let ourselves get hurt by our past mistakes and others. However, strive to be a forgetful person that chooses to be like Jesus and truly forget and move forward.

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