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September 20
by eleon

Cussing In Church

Last Sunday, a girl gave a testimony on how our church bus came by and picked her up and how her life was changed. It was the most rough, real, testimony we have had in a while.

She lives on the Dream Center floor for homeless families. She was involved with drive by shootings, pregnant as a teenager, and did hits on people to make money in her project. Her testimony made our church members’ jaws drop (And that is hard to do).

She went on to tell about how the church changed her life, got her out of the projects, and gave her a place to stay at the Dream Center. The only time she has ever been happy was coming to church.

In the middle of the testimony, we heard everything from the term “Sperm Donor,” in reference to a man who got her pregnant that was no longer around, followed by a four-letter curse word in telling her story.

I looked at our church and no one was mad or walked out. In fact, she got a standing ovation at the end.


The great clash between the church culture and the worldly culture is healthy and necessary in reaching the world. A healthy church reaches people who have no clue how to act in church.

Sure, she has a lot of growth to do and cussing is not the ultimate goal we have for her. However, when a girl was doing drive bys and using drugs since a teenager, a cuss word seems so small in the overall picture of restoration. We can still stand up and celebrate a miracle in progress even after a four-letter word.

One quick note: We are in the middle of a Twitter/Facebook campaign raising money for the rescue projects at the Dream Center. In honor of 17 years of helping the hurting, we are asking everyone to give $17 or $170 to help the Dream Center open up more beds for hurting people. @ladreamcenter for a direct link to give. Thank you for your support.

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