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August 31
by eleon

Born Out Of Failure

I will never forget. Twenty years of age, looking out and no one in my church building for a Sunday night service. Zero! Already insecure being a pastor at twenty I went home and just cried for what felt like an eternity. It was that night, I found my good friend….failure. That’s right failure has been my good buddy.

Failure is not always the enemy, in fact, sometimes it can be your greatest friend. We don’t generally look at failure as a beginning but usually an end. When I started to pastor at 20 years of age. I went through two years of devastating, crushing, confidence shaking failure. Have you ever had the season of failure last so long to where you start to think and expect the worst to happen? I’ve been there. It’s horrible when your expectations of what life can become get pounded to this level of expecting nothing.

Then, I learned something. Failing when starting a dream can often be the best recipe for long-term Success. Succeeding too quickly sometimes can allow us to bypass the glorious lessons that we learn through failure.


In failure, God had to show me that my first plans had to die for his perfect will to come forth. Failure wasn’t my enemy as a Pastor when no one showed up. It was my friend.

God allows some things to die so that the lessons of failure can shape the future for success. Lessons shape great dreams and mold them into plans that we never knew were in our heart.

Today, I pastor in a hospital building where people are coming off drugs, alcohol, and homeless people are being helped. This was not in my plan for success (Not even on the radar) this idea came through the plan of failure. We must learn to see beyond the surface of failure, rejection, and see the building blocks of something amazing that lives beyond the rubble.

Failure forced me to take a prayer walk and see hurting people, thus, the idea of the Dream Center was formed.

Things that I appreciate today I would never enjoy if I had instant success right out of the gate. In fact, failure always allows you to enjoy the journey, never feel entitled, because you know about the struggle and how it’s been God all the way. Life is about lessons that shape us and failures that shake us into refined dreamers ready to take action.

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