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March 24
by eleon

Robotic Leadership

The church can often be guilty of finding a few leadership streams and thinking this is the way our church should be built. Before long, you go to churches and everyone is robotically singing the same songs, talking the same way, same patterns, and so bogged down by formula that we make structure a master and not a servant. Every leader is different and should flourish in his or her uniqueness.

I read a book about John Wooden. He was an incredible coach and leader. He was a master of detail. He made sure his players had their socks pulled up properly, hair certain length; he was a master at the process of building a great team. He did it through the details. He won 10 national championships in 12 years. One day, I was invited to a practice held by another National Champion coach named Pete Carroll of the USC Trojans. I was shocked by what I saw. Every drill was a game. Slip and slides brought onto the field; there was structure but it wasn’t anything like I’ve seen before. Guys were laughing, forced to take risks, loose as a goose on the field. The big picture was clear “Our environment of leadership is to be loose, have fun, and win.” it was like a motivational seminar mixed with wide open emotion, fun, and schoolyard play.

Both coaches were extremely successful which illustrates my point. You don’t need to be a robot to someone else’s leadership model. You be exactly who God has made you and don’t let any $349 conference tell you there’s only one right way. After all, we are creative leaders not robots. The world needs you, not a dim copy of someone else.

Resource: “The Cause Within You.”
Teaches you how to lead from a great cause not success.

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